Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weight Watchers Week 1

I lost 2 lbs! Yay me!! I'm going to keep this update short and sweet because I'm hungry and don't feel like typing.

What I did Well:
  • Drank lots of water (I would rather use my points on food than beverages)
  • Exercised every other day (I took a rest day in between to recover)
  • Tracked what I had eaten HONESTLY
  • Discussed how I was feeling with a fellow WW friend (it's good to know you're not alone)
  • Planned my meals out the day before (when you know what you're going to eat it leaves less room for surprises)
  • Didn't beat myself up for "cheating" (you can't really cheat on WW unless you are dishonest in journaling what you are but in that case you're only cheating yourself and can't be surprised when you haven't lost any weight)
Things to Improve:
  • Keeping fresh fruits and veggies stocked in the fridge.
  • Measure out certain things like oatmeal, rice, pasta, cereal so that I can confidently calculate my points.
  • Expecting to have lost 10 lbs in one week (it's healthy to lose 1 to 2 lbs a week)
  • Intensify and mix up my workouts (I got bored with the treadmill quickly and it became more and more difficult to drag myself down to the gym)
Moral of the story: Things are going well but I do not expect to lose weight every week. The weeks when I do not lose weight I will re-evaluate things I did well and things I did not do well and could improve on and try something different. I'm feeling encouraged...update to come next week.

P.S. Tomorrow (July 1st) is my 9 month lockversary! Pics to come later...I have a retightening on Thursday =)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weight Watchers

Yes! I have joined Weight Watchers! I am tired of not feeling comfortable in my own skin and I am aware that changes need to be made so I can lead a healthier lifestyle. Its not just about weight loss but more about eating right and reaching optimal health. Of course a perk to eating healthy is weight loss lol. I am excited and can already feel my confidence returning. I will update weekly on my results with some tips as well. Wish me luck!


So when yesterday I decided I wanted to go for a nice jog on the treadmill in my building. I got the key from the front desk, did my jog, and proceeded back to the front desk to retrieve my i.d. and return the key. My favorite security guard was there talking to some girl (as usual...I swear this man must be a mack...there are always women standing at the front desk talking to him). The girl had traditional locks that were dyed a kind of rusty red/orange and they fell just above her eyebrows, at least in the front (she must have had it pinned in the back or something). I wave the treadmill key at the security guard and as he is grabbing my i.d. the conversation with the girl goes like this:

Girl: I like your locks...
Me: Thank you (turns back to security guard)
Girl: How long have you been locking?
Me: Ummm, 9 months
Girl: Oh...(looks puzzled) did they start as nubs?
Me: (trying not to kick her teeth in) No, I have a lot of shrinkage going on, they're longer than they look
Girl: (confused) Oh, I've been locking 8 or 9 months too (clearly said to say her locks are longer than mine)
Me: Well, I don't have traditional locks...these are sisterlocks
Girl: Oh...I figured (smirks)

What the hell is wrong with people???? Did they start as nubs! You can't even start locks from a nub...and what the heck did she mean by nub anyway? Every time I've heard the word nub was when I would hear African Americans say: "Touch me again, you'll draw back a nub!" The whole time she was looking at me so smugly as if her locks were so much better than mine. Hello! We're both natural...we have something in common. Not anymore, we don't. I'm hoping not to ever encounter her again...she is not worthy of having a lock conversation with. Hmph!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love them!!!

My babies are getting so big. This is Socks and Pip sleeping. They add so much to my life...they're insane haha <3

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thing I'm Noticing About My Hair

  • It's much easier to tame in the morning after having it mashed into a pillow.
  • Shrinkage is much less severe!
  • The locks in the front are taking much longer to lock.
  • There are some big fat out of control locks that I just LOVE to touch.
  • Dandruff and itchies have decreased.
  • My hair moves when I move my head =)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My New Consultant

I almost forgot to tell you guys about my experience with my new consultant--it was awesome! I had spoken with Brandy (that's her name) on the phone a couple times to confirm my appointment and I knew I would like her right away. She was very personable and friendly, and I immediately felt at ease after I spoke with her.

My appointment was on Saturday at 1pm so I got up early and hit the bank and got my car washed (which got pooped on 2 days later...ugh) and when I got home I checked my phone and saw that I had a missed call from Brandy. I had my fingers crossed that she would want me to come in earlier because I had an engagement later on in the evening (I'll post about that) and wanted to make sure that I would have enough time to get home, change, and do my makeup. Lucky me...that was exactly why Brandy was calling. I made the frustrating trip through the city to South Street and Brandy and I ended up getting there at the same exact time...literally! We were walking to the door at the same time haha.

Right away I noticed that Brandy had baby locks...even younger than mine. They were cute and kind of curly. Right away we started chatting away about our hair, boyfriends, pets, career choices, and everything in between. Oh but here's the kicker! Brandy lives right around the corner from me so next time she retightens my hair she is going to come to my apartment! Yay! Talk about service! I made my next appointment for July 2nd and can't wait to have a chat session with her while she does my hair.

By the way my locks are doing great...a lot of the ends are sealed and I am noticing that there is much less shrinkage. Does this mean that I am well on my way to being fully locked?

Monday, June 1, 2009

You're Next...

A phrase I've heard all too often in the last few months. Next for what, you ask? To get pregnant! I scoff! Why does this offend me so much? Well let's see, I'm 23, unmarried, still in school, barely have enough for groceries, and quite frankly, I don't even know if I want children! For reasons unknown to me my friends seem to almost want me to get pregnant...in fact, they expect it!

I genuinely cannot figure this one out. I mean I am not sexually irresponsible, have never had a pregnancy scare, and have so much in life that I want to do...and procreating is N-O-T on my To Do List. It feels like instead of people encouraging me to continue to work on building a successful career and future for myself they're just waiting for me to "slip up." I say "slip up" in quotations because I think accidental pregnancy is ridiculous...unless you slipped and fell on some sperm getting pregnant was not an accident. By the age of 13 I'm pretty sure everyone knows that sex can lead to babies (among other things) so if you have sex and you don't wrap it up and take other necessary precautions the pregnancy was not accidental...unintentional? Possibly...but accidental...nuh uh.

I am a young African American woman who dreams of being a successful career woman, travelling with or without a significant other, and creating the best possible future I can for myself and any possible offspring (if I so choose). That's right...I HAVE A CHOICE! My choice is...no babies until my HUSBAND and I DECIDE that we are ready to stop being selfish of each other's time and want to share our love with a little one. Until that time, please get it out of your head that I am "next". My uterus is not McDonald's and I am not in line waiting to get something that I didn't order. FIN

8 Months!