Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yeah so I realize I probably have been slacking a tad on the posts. I'll let you know what's going on in list form because I like lists...

1. Mommy and I are doing great. Better than ever! She's giving us all of her old living room furniture, a wine rack, some curtains, and my old dresser. My uncle is giving us his glass kitchen we're set on furniture.

2. We found an apartment. It's in a good safe location in a large gated community so I will be able to feel like I can sleep at night without worrying about someone taking my mirror or any other parts off of my car. We're going back on Sunday to bring our applications and money to hold the apartment.

3. My boyfriend started school last month for his Master's degree...i'm very proud of him but a little sad that i don't see him on wednesdays and thursdays until 10pm because of our conflicting schedules.

4. I am taking 3 therapy, understanding relationships, and insight-oriented approaches. My sex therapy is a pompous ass who likes to hear himself talk. He made us watch 2 hours of sex videos (not porn) last week and then wouldn't even let us criticize the videos themselves. Understanding relationships is taught by 2 people...a man and a woman--both old as dirt but still great teachers. It is a litte unorganized which annoys the crap out of me but it is one of my mindless nights so i can deal with it. Insight-oriented approaches is a beautiful surprise. I love the professor--she's intelligent but is willing to listen to you openly and is not looking for what she wants to hear but just wants you to grow and learn and understand.

5. My friend, who was pregnant, moved to Ohio last month. She had her baby (who is absolutely beautiful). I miss them very much and can't wait to meet the baby that i got to watch grow in her tummy for 8 months.

6. I've been working out really hard in the gym and I am proud of myself and looking forward to seeing some results.

7. My boyfriend got a new job, making more money. I interviewed for it first but didn't get it because of some state regs (it's drug and alcohol counseling) so I passed his resume along and he got it. Well...4 months later they call me back and asked if I was still interested in a position. I'll update you on that when I have more details...

8. I plan on getting another tattoo soon...this will make number 7...i love ink and i'm not afraid to admit it and i'm not worried about being professional at all.

9. I have class with a girl who has awesome sisterlocks...

10. I'm not really into taking pictures of myself or my hair right now so don't anticipate seeing pics of me any time soon.

11. I've been on a spending freeze for the last 2 months and i am DYING! But i need the money and security more than i need the new shoes or new Hello Kitty MAC makeup.

12. I've discovered that I don't want to have a wedding (whenever i do decide to get married)...i just want to wear a pretty dress, eat good food, get a little buzzed, and share my joy with my family and friends. I will make this work!

14. I love my Blackberry Storm and it is totally worth every penny!

I think I've about covered it all...yay!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Country Where Fat is Sexy??

I'm watching Oprah right now and there is a country in Africa called Mauritania. In this LOVE a full figured woman...the bigger you are, the better! There is no such thing as diet food and women actually go to great lengths to gain weight. There are actually products there that women purchase to help them increase their appetites. Female children are stuffed until they vomit and stuffed some more, just to ensure that they get as big and round as possible. While that's dangerous, I have to be honest, I would feel really great about my big booty and love handles over there. It would be great if Mauritania and the US could find a happy medium and just value a woman's body as it is...point. blank. period.

Hair Update: My 4 month locversary was on the first of the month. I had my retightening on the 3rd. My consultant washed my hair without braiding and banding and I have pretty much been cleared to not b&b anymore. I have also been cleared to use product in between washes to keep my hair from being so dry. I'm not sure what I'm going to get yet. Suggestions are welcome. I didn't take any pics because my hair looks pretty much the same as it did last month.