Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fiberwig Mascara

The mascara that I mentioned in my post before this one is called Fiberwig. I know, it's a really stupid sounding name but if you have short lashes like I do you might want to think about trying this out. The mascara has little fibers on the brush so its like paint-on falsies only way easier and way cheaper to apply. It only comes in black, unfortunately, but hey, whatever works! Just thought I would share. Don't worry this won't become a make-up corner lol...nothing is happening with my hair though so for now you'll have to settle for whatever comes to mind =)

Gonna start from the outside...

And work my way in! I realize how shallow this sounds so I guess I should explain myself! As of late I have not been feeling my usual beautiful hair needs to be retightened, I haven't been able to workout like I have wanted to, and I am in need of a therapeutic shopping spree. While I feel pretty good on the inside (most days) I feel that less when I look in the mirror. I feel like I should look different, somehow. I haven't quite figured out how, sorry to tell you. In any event, today I went to the mall to use my $20 gift card to Bath & Body Works that I got from my supervisor for Christmas (sweet gift, right?) and after spending $37 (I had to pony up the other $17 myself--for Moonlight Path though, and if you have ever smelled that you would know it was totally worth it) I ended up in Sephora.

I usually walk into Sephora and walk right out because the makeup lights make the store unbearably warm but I wasn't wearing a coat today because it was 65 degrees outside so I was able to hang around long enough to see what they had for me. I walked over to a giant poster of Kat Von D--of L.A. Ink (I'm an ink whore in case you didn't know...I have 6 tattoos)-- and saw that she had her own line of makeup. If you have ever seen the show you know that Kat, while tatt'd from head to toe is still very beautiful and feminine. I am going to guess and say its because she always has phenomenal makeup on. So after standing there for 15 minutes, I ended up with an eye shadow pallette with about 8 different colors in it, a pallette with a matte shadow on one side and the glittery version on the other, and a mascara with fibers that attach to your eyelashes to make them look long and luscious. The eye shadow is not by Kat, though. I spent a pretty penny in Sephora but I think it's good to treat yourself sometimes so I feel good about my purchases.

I've gone onto youtube and checked out some make-up tutorials for smokey eye and basic every day looks so that I can put my new makeup to good use. I will try to post pics of my look once I try it out but if i don't please don't be mad, I'm lazy lol. Just remind me and I will eventually post some pics for you to check out.

Oh yeah! While I was on youtube checking out a tutorial one of the girls doing the tutorial recommended a website called that has very reasonably priced makeup and makeup tools. I'll probably be spending more money very soon haha.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm a Rebel!

Soo I washed my hair today without braiding (twisting really) and banding! Yes, I know...gasp! My head was itching like crazy and I could make it snow just by running my fingers through it. I needed to get ALL of the snowflakes out and relieve myself of the itching so i washed my hair gently without braiding or banding. It felt absolutely amazing! I loved the way my hair felt wet and free. I won't be doing it again though until I get the OK from my consultant but it had to be done.

As I have mentioned I have some stubborn locks on the edges so those came out all the way but they would have whether I had braided/banded anyway since they don't fit in a braid. I'm not concerned at all...there's maybe 6 or 7 tiny locks that slipped. Everyone else seems to be in good condition! I'm sorry's my rebellious nature lol.

P.S. Happy Holidays! I'll have a post coming soon picturing all of my awesome gifts that my honey got me. He's an awesome gift giver!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some Boring Updates

I don't have too much to blog about because not too much is going on. I ended the semester with an A and an A-, which I am pleased with. i have like 3 days off and then I began my winter intercession--Marital Therapy. The class is pretty interesting but it involves 3 all day Saturday classes and 3 weeks of classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30p-10:00p. A lot of the people in my class are either married or have been married so the conversation could probably go on forever...luckily, it doesn't.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year but I can't say that I am really in the spirit because we don't have a tree and I didn't decorate. I'm more excited because I got my boyfriend some really great gifts--an authentic Eagles jersey and the entire Dragon Ball GT series (yeah, he's a nerd). I managed not to go over $100 too, which is really something to celebrate about.

Remember the Blackberry Storm that I blogged about? Well, I still don't have it. I went to a store and the guy told me that they had sent all the phones back for software upgrades and that he would put me on the list to be called as soon as it comes in. He also said he would push my upgrade up so I could get the phone earlier. Well...I still don't have it and I'm only 9 days away from my upgrade so it looks like I'm going to have to wait anyway. It will be mine though...

About my hair...I've realized that I like my hair the most after a retightening. It looks really neat and always looks longer the first couple of days. The little locks on the edges WILL NOT stay in so after about a week of sleeping on them and fixing them in the morning they come out and I end up having to hide them under some of the longer, more stable locks. Not only that but the locks on the left side of my head are longer than the locks on the right side so sometimes I feel like my head looks lopsided. Right now I'm in just a really awkward stage with my hair where some days I love it and some days well, not so much.

And those are my updates...sorry I lead such a boring life!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Two Months to the Day

Today is my 2 month lock anniversary! I am just now really starting to love my's gotten thicker and longer and people are starting to notice. My boyfriend plays in my hair all the time and so do I. I am really enjoying seeing the different changes that they go through. It seems like something new happens every week. I'm excited to see what it will look like after my next retightening. The great thing about Sisterlocks is that there is always something to look forward to!

P.S. I found the lock that my consultant accidentally snipped. It's very well hidden and I'm sure will keep going since it didn't unravel haha.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

2nd Retightening

Front view =)

This is the top of my head...

The back with the flash on...the flash can be kind of deceiving sometimes...

The back again with the flash off. This is more so what it looks like in real life. As you can see it is thickening up very nicely and I am getting some length already.

My consultant said my hair is really growing. She accidentally cut one of my locks when she was cutting the rubber bands that she had used to band my hair before she washed it. I have no idea where it came from and I can't say that I am devastated because there are so many on my head. My next retightening is in 5 weeks on December 30th!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Roommate Gripes

In case you don't already know, my boyfriend and I live in the basement of a fairly large house with 3 other girls. He and I share the 2 rooms that we have transformed into our bedroom and tv room and there are 3 bedrooms upstairs on the 2nd floor. The common areas are the kitchen, dining room, upstairs living room, and the bathroom upstairs. There is a toilet in the basement but its just a toilet. My bf and I have our own entrance, cable, and internet down in the basement so we very rarely spend any length of time upstairs.

Living with 3 other people (my bf doesn't count, he's very easy to live with) is no easy task and I am not sure I have been handling it well. In short, i hate it here. You never really know a person until you live with them and I am really wishing I hadn't moved in with my friends because I see them in a whole new light. Here is a list of things that occur or have occurred that the bf and I whine about on an almost daily basis:

1. The kitchen is NEVER clean unless myself or my bf cleans it. There are always dishes in the sink that rarely belong to us, crust all over the table, counter, and stove, and cooking utensils left out. I don't think I would complain about it so much if there wasn't a GIANT dry erase board over the sink that says: wash dishes, keep sink and counter clear and clean, put away trash and food.

2. In the 3 and half months that I have been here I have been the only person to step up and clean the bathroom. Cleaning a bathroom for 4 people (again the bf doesn't count...he only uses it to shower) is soo not fun. Everyone I live with except for myself and booboo has long hair and it it's all in the shower, on the floor, and around the sink. I have even discovered the plastic tampon applicator, used, on the radiator next to the toilet. Along with that someone seems to have an issue with flushing...leaving several things behind in the toilet (sorry if this grosses you out).

3. No one knocks when they come down into the basement. People seem to forget we live here and this is our space. Yes, the laundry room is down here but that does not mean that you shouldn't knock. I am sometimes napping and people come stomping down the stairs talking loudly. Our bedroom is under the kitchen and people go in there stomping around as well, neglecting the fact that we may be sleeping.

4. People leave their clothes in the washer and dryer for days at a time. How many clothes do you have that you can leave an entire load of clothes in the basement for weeks and not be curious as to why you're missing underwear, socks, and shirts?? Not to mention other people use the machines so when they move your stuff they pile it on top of the machine and it sits there for another few weeks.

I think that's about it for now. I don't know if I want to confront anyone or have a house meeting because I think they will feel like i am attacking them and like I do nothing wrong. I am sure I have left dishes in the sink, and maybe put the radio on too loud in the morning when i shower, or left something out on the counter. But I feel like if I say something, the moment I make a mistake it will be blown out of proportion. Not only that but I am not sure how to approach them without seeming rude. I can be harsh sometimes and the same way I have written everything here is likely the same way it would come out. I am just trying to make it out without any drama or friction. Any advice?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

6 Week Update

This was taken day 1 or 2 after my installation

This is a pic of my locks at 6 weeks. As you can see it is losing the curliness on the ends. I clearly need a retightening...I'll be taking care of that on Tuesday and will take comparison pics. Try not to be grossed out if you can see dandruff. I haven't washed my hair in a month because I don't like to braid and band because my hair is too short and it takes too long so if my retightenings are every 4 weeks, so are my washes!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flood Update

After a long, rough week sleeping on the futon because my room smelled like mold from the wet carpet, we finally have new carpet. Our landlord came today and him and my boyfriend laid down new, mold free carpet. We also changed our room around a bit so there is more space and it feels like a whole new place. Looks like I don't need to move after least not until May. I can't wait to get to sleep in my own bed again!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blackberry Storm

This is the new Blackberry Storm by Verizon Wireless. It's touch screen but its got something called SureTouch technology so that you can actually press down on the screen as if there were buttons. I have never had a super high tech phone and I think this phone is absolutely sexy! That's right...inanimate objects can be sexy! The phone comes out on Friday, November 21st and I am due for my "New Every Two" upgrade on December 26th. I am weighing my options and so far this is what I've got:

1. It looks really cool
2. Constant internet access to Google random things that I think about during the day. I could also pay my bills...there are times when I am out and realize I forgot to pay a bill and it is due that day. I could pay it right on the spot.
3. Built-in GPS (I'm a case manager...i drive EVERYWHERE)
4. The ability to check email. I'm a graduate student and we communicate solely through email so the ability to check it anywhere at anytime would really be a convenience.
5. I would get a huge discount and only have to pay $100...maybe less.
6. It looks really cool!

1. Adding the data would increase my bill by $25

As you can see I only have one con. I also get a 21% discount on my monthly bill so instead of paying $100 a month I would only pay $80, which considering all the things I would be able to do that's not bad. I'm actually guaranteeing that most people who don't have a Blackberry pay more for their regular cell phone bills. I am going to test out the phone on Friday on my lunch break so I can touch it and play with it and hear all the great things about it. My upgrade isn't until after Christmas so I may even be able to con my mother and uncle into giving me the money for the phone that way I don't have to pay a dime for it haha.

I love technology!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

He's Domesticated Me

Before my boyfriend and I were together asking me to cook would have been like asking me not to eat. I did not cook...AT ALL! It wasn't that I couldn't cook but what reason did I have? Mom dukes always cooked for me so I was used to being pampered. Now I enjoy pampering him by making him yummy dishes. I made him some stuffed peppers last week. They came out very yummy. Our anniversary is tomorrow and I will be making cheesy baked salmon. He loves salmon but he's always the one who makes it so I thought I would try my hand at it. I will definitely let you all know how he likes it. I think I am going to make angel hair pasta with a lemon garlic butter sauce and sauteed veggies...mmmm!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


My lovely basement apartment is flooded...the carpet squishes as I walk over it. Now my roommates and dirty dishes are the least of my worries. Will I need to move again?'s always something...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

October International Arts Expo

Last week 2 of my co-workers and myself went to the 23rd annual Arts Expo at Temple's Liacouras Center. This was my second year going but the first year that I actually purchased something. I bought a long picture similar to the one above. The difference with the one I bought is that there is a muscular, chocolate man holding the world up. I am going to put the art work up in my apartment when we move. I just love black art. It depicts Black people as being so strong, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Monday, November 10, 2008

'Cause you gotta have FRIENDS!

I haven't had a best friend in over a year. My best friend and I found that we no longer saw eye to eye and when I decided that I was going to live my life my way and not her way we ultimately parted ways. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances but very few real friends. That is not a bad thing by any means, however, which surprises me a little. I am finding that the older you get, the less friends you need. I am content with the 3 or 4 real friends that I have. When I say "real friends" I am referring to the people that I can be millions of miles away from and not see for months at a time but we still maintain that bond-- that knowledge that if and when one of us needs something, the other will be there.

Over the years I have seen friends come and go for many reasons. Last year I was totally stepped on when I let a friend borrow almost $800 from me (school loan money...I don't have it like that) because she said she was just waiting for her refund check and would put the money back in my account as soon as her plane landed from the Dominican Republic (note: I have never been on spring break). Needless to say that never happened. She went as far to blame her mother, saying that she gave the money to her mom to deposit and that her mother used it for something else. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and we set up a payment plan. Weeks went by and I got no payments and she responded with "I've been putting the money in your account, you haven't gotten it?" I don't think I have ever been more disappointed in someone than at that moment. I let it go though. Everyone keeps telling me to sue her but I value friendship more than money and getting the money back won't get our friendship back. It wasn't just the money, it was the lack of respect for me. I am sure we all know about that.

In any event...I have 4 close friends that I trust with my feelings and inner workings. I just thought I would give a little tribute to those friends who have stood by me through the years and never failed to remember what it really meant to be a friend. I only hope that I have meant as much to them as they have meant to me...they're pictured below and I'll be sending them links to this post...Danish, AfroChic, Little Italy, and my Butter Pecan Rican...true friends!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

One Month

My one month lockversary was on November 1st...these were taken a couple days before that but i'm pretty sure there was no huge difference between Thursday and Saturday. They are definitely moving along quite nicely. i can see many of them thickening up, though the babies on the edges are fighting to stay in. My roommates, friends, and coworkers have noticed that it has grown. it looks longer and fuller every time i wash it but i am avoiding washing it until my next retightening so that i can give it a chance to do it's thing. my next retightening is on November 25th and i guess i will figure out how often i need to get them after this visit. This is just a few days before Thanksgiving which is good because my hair will look fresh for my family. This will be their first time seeing my hair and I will be close to 2 months locked!


So I absolutely LOVE Halloween. It is so much more fun now that I am an adult. I hated going trick-or-treating when I was a kid. I loved the candy but didn't want to have to do the work for it lol. This year I was Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy. I won 2nd place in the costume contest and my prize was $100 Amex gift card. Here is a pic...enjoy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

His Victory is My Fight

Ever since the results of the election came out i have been defending the right to be happy about having an African American president. I think i celebrated for maybe an hour before i had to start jumping down people's throats about why the African American community is so overjoyed by Obama's becoming President-elect. People don't understand what it means for this country and not just for Black people. The man is a MINORITY and that is the first thing that everyone notices about him. He is THE ONLY "brown" man to ever live in the White House. That is HUGE! I've also had to defend the fact that yes, i am capable of voting for someone by looking at their platform, doing research, and really looking inside myself and deciding if this person truly has my best interest at heart. it is so insulting to hear people say "you only voted for him because he's Black." Excuse yourself?! Give me and other African Americans more credit than that. Yes, there were some people who voted for Obama because he's black but there are many who said "hey a black man...let me see what he's about." I saw that he was about many of the same things that i was about and i voted for him because i felt like he had me and my future in mind. Do you think there weren't people who voted for McCain because he was White? Of course there were!

The next thing i found myself arguing about is his ethnicity. Yes, Obama's father supposedly has Arabic blood (you can't believe everything you read on the internet) but the man was born and raised in Africa, making him AFRICAN. Having said that, if Obama Jr. was born in America, that makes him African American. Not only that but i feel like race is a social construct. Yes, there are different ethnicities but society goes by the way you look to decide what racial category they want you to be in. This was especially true during the Civil Rights movement. Back then there were only 2 races: black and white. If you were were black...end of story. Arabian blood or not, had Obama lived during the Civil Rights Movement he would have been hosed down and had dogs attacking him just like everyone else. No one would have stopped to ask what his racial background was. With that in mind, Obama's victory is not one for just Blacks. It is a victory for ALL minorities and ALL Americans. NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY! The End.

It's funny how politics shows you a whole different side to people.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time for a Change

Warning: This post may contain TMI's

This evening, as I was about to get in the shower, I took off my shirt and looked in the mirror. What did I see? Something I definitely was not pleased with...something I had never seen before...something that needed to change. I have a gut! I am a small-framed person and have always been petite but for the last year I have gained at least 15 pounds. This weight correlates pretty closely with the time in which my boyfriend and I began dating. I know when people are happy and in love they tend to gain weight, but this is not cute. I am 5'3" and 150 lbs and while that may seem pretty average (for an African American woman) it is not. Am I fat? No. Am I overweight? Yes. I should be about 20 pounds lighter than I am. I carry my weight very well so people look at me and don't believe that I am 150 pounds, but the scales do not lie. Most of my weight is in my thighs and butt and the rest of it is now migrating to my stomach area.

I was on a roll as far as working out and eating well but the last month I have completely slacked off and gone on an eating spree. I have lost all of the progress that I made, and so quickly. It is difficult not to be sad by it but I had an episode in front of my boyfriend in July that was quite embarrassing and I won't allow myself to get that upset over something I have control over. I am not comfortable with myself right now but there is something I can (and will) do about it!

This weekend my boyfriend and I are going food shopping. We have created a semi-permanent grocery list with healthy foods as well as a few cheat foods. One thing is for sure, I need to stop eating out so much. That is probably my biggest down fall but I am going to nip that in the bud because this tummy has GOT TO GO!

I am going to try BlaqKofi's wheatgrass smoothies to jump start my mornings, have a SmartOne or salad for lunch, and have a home-cooked meal for dinner. In addition to changing my eating habits I am getting back into the gym at least 3 days a week. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1st Retightening...NOT!

Ok so today was my first retightening. I had it all planned out to go to work, make some phone calls, and schedule my appointments for the end of the day so that i could go straight from seeing a consumer to Southwest Philly, where my consultant is and I would get in her chair and feel tons better. Sike ya mind! After seeing my last consumer for the day I stopped at the Chinese food restaurant to get my honey and I some dinner for after my retightening. While i was sitting there waiting for my food i thought "Let me call to make sure my appointment is today because they haven't given me my reminder call." Lo and behold my consultant accidentally wrote today on my reminder card but didn't put me down for today but for the 28th...sooo i'm home waiting for my boyfriend to come home so we can eat.

I guess i am kind of happy that it's not today because it was a long day and i kind of just wanted to get home to my sweetheart and rest. I will have a post and pics of my real first retightening next week.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Dreadlocks Skeeve Me Out"

Last night while my roommate was braiding my hair so I could wash it she said something that kind of annoyed and offended me a bit. We were talking about locks and she said "I don't know, I never really liked dreadlocks, they kind of skeeve me out." Of course I inquired into why they "skeeve" her out and she said because they're "dirty" and that grosses her out. I asked further into why she seemed to think your hair was dirty if you had locks and she said "Well isn't that how you get your hair into dreadlocks?" Obviously she wasn't including me in this because she knew I was about to wash my hair but we have 2 friends who both have locks (very nice locks, I might add) and this whole time she was thinking that they had dirty hair?

I always knew that it was a common misconception that people thought that individuals with locks did not wash their hair but i didn't know it was that common. The hair actually needs to be clean and oil free in order to not disturb the locking process, right? That is something I am pretty sure goes for all locks...not just sisterlocks. It just kind of surprised me hearing something like that because she has so many African American/Black friends (she's Caucasion) that I would think she would have asked by now. I schooled her though so now she knows that locked heads do not equal dirty heads.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1st Wash!

I successfully completed my first wash tonight! My roommate, The Gymnast, came home just in time to braid it for me lol. She was able to braid pretty much all of my hair, save for the baby ones on the edges. It felt nice having the warm water hit my scalp and massaging my hair clean. I don't think I had any slippage...if i did it was very minimal. I was least worried about the back of my hair because it is SO KINKY! I think it's beginning to do something already. The ones in the back are bigger but they got some weird puffiness going on on the ends. I took like one pic but i really don't feel like posting it lol. There's not much to hair looks pretty much the same wet as it does locs fall a little differently but thats about it. It went well and I have my first retightening on Tuesday the 21st. I have a feeling I will be getting my retightenings like every 4 to 5 weeks, which is fine. I hope that means my hair will be growing like wildfire!

Thanks for your suggestions as to what to do with the back. Now I know-- get my roommate to do it for me lol!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hair Update

Ok so on Wednesday (one week after installation) I decided that I would try to braid my hair for that cute crinkly look. It took me an hour to braid my hair and I didn't even braid all of it because the back is too short. When I woke up in the morning and took my hair out it looked pretty much the same as before I braided it. It was maybe a bit fuller...that's about all though. Because it took me so long to braid it I am not looking forward to having to braid and band when I wash it for the first time on Wednesday. Does anyone know of any alternative ways that I can wash my hair without having to braid and band? My hair is just not long enough for this not to be a project. The back is not going to get braided so i am going to have to be very careful so that i can prevent too much slippage. I am still loving my hair is a bit itchy though. I don't think my scalp is used to not having some kind of product on it. I am sure after my first wash that will subside and as i have my SL's for longer that the itching will decrease. I'll post about my first wash some time this week. Wish me luck!

My Birthday Presents

My co-worker KD bought me the bottle and Poofs got me the lovely necklace that i so strategically hung on the bottle.
My wonderful boyfriend got me tickets to see Gym Class heroes next month. I will make sure to post about that afterwards. I am bringing AfroChic with me so I am sure we will have a great time. I found out that they are touring with The Roots and Estelle but our show is one of the ones that is ONLY GCH.

My roommates bought me these beautiful flowers and the super cute card. It actually says "It's fun to be 3" but my roommates wrote in a 2 to reflect how old i really am. I love them!

I had a meeting with a parent on Friday and she found out that it was my birthday. She sells Home Interior stuff and she had some things stock piled down in her basement...this is what she gave me! How was a really good day even though i had to go to work.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Philly Locks Conference 2008

Last Saturday I went to the 2008 Philly Locks Conference. I had a really good time and there were some really great vendors there. I spent up all my money but it was worth it haha. The picture to the right is from the Edutainment portion of the conference. Look at all the locked heads in this room. The guy with the guitar and tie dye shirt on has his locks piled on his head they're so long. He took them down and they were almost brushing his ankles. CRAZY! I really enjoyed watching this band...people were just vibing and feeding off of the positive energy in the room. It was a really good time!

The picture to the left shows the 2 pairs of earrings that I bought at the conference from a very nice vendor for a VERY reasonable price. I will be wearing the pink ones this weekend (yes I plan my outfits that far in advance). Sunsail bought a really fierce pair of earrings herself. Yes SUNSAIL! We had such a good time walking around the conference, shopping and chatting it up. She is exactly the same as she comes off on her blog-- hilarious!
After the conference a few of us met up at GiGi's in Center City. The food was soooo good! There is the pic of all of us. Look how different all of our locks look (me with my baby locks). We had a really good time talking and stuffing our faces. I'm already looking forward to next year!

The Name Game
LogoThere are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Music I'm Into

I am a big music buff and I had been having a dry spell for a little while because nothing new had been coming out. A few weeks ago I bought 4 new CD's to add to my collection and to relieve my music boredom and I thought I would share that with you...

1. Gym Class Heroes "The Quilt"-- if you're not familiar with this group I suggest you sample some of their music. This is their 3rd album and in my opinion is their best. They are a indie hip hop/rock fusion. This group is definitely multi-layered...they have serious songs (Live Forever (Fly with Me)), fun songs (Cookie Jar), and your typical come back songs. Busta Rhymes and The Dream are featured on the album...the first mainstream artists to appear on any of the groups albums. If you're interested in their older music their first album, "Papercut Chronicles" has a raw sound to it. The second album, famous for the "bada dada" song, As Cruel as School Children, also shows their multi-layered style. Definitely in heavy rotation in my vehicle.

2. Estelle's "Shine". I am really liking her style. The album has a lot of different sounds to it-- a little caribbean, the pop sound (i.e. American Boy), and she even has a song with John Legend (a personal favorite). It's a short CD but I can listen to it pretty much straight through. She also has a track featuring Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley (not a favorite but I'm sure others will like it). She's beginning to get more "shine" in my car (pun intended).
3. Usher's "Here I Stand"-- I fell in love with this album immediately. My mom actually introduced me to it. I was pretty much over Usher until I heard this album. You can tell this man is really in love. He also has a little song for his son. The album just shows a lot of growth and it's just great all around...classic Usher.
4. Ne-Yo's "Year of the Gentleman"-- Ne-Yo is consistent with putting out good albums. I really like this one and actually wish it was a bit longer (only 12 tracks). There is only one song on the album that I am not crazy about. He just has a great voice and is a talented songwriter.

Ok so there they are...if you have iTunes sample some of the songs or maybe just take my word for it and buy a CD!

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Camera, New Sisterlocks!

So I took my buns to Target and got a nice new camera for a nice price! Here are some pics of a few days before my locks were installed, during installation (before i broke the other camera, thank God for memory cards), and 2 days after installation. I will make sure that i take pics regularly and detail my experience as best i can. Enjoy!

By the way...yes, my natural hair color is a blondish/red...what can i say? i'm special...nahh, i'm only half kidding lol

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged, first time so here we go
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1. i eat pop tarts by eating the outside first and then separating the top from the bottom (takes skill) and then i eat the filling and then i eat the bottom part without the frosting and then i eat the top. yes, it is a project but it's the best way to eat them!

2. i have 6 tattoos...none of which can be seen when i am fully clothed. my tattoos are of a heart with a halo and wings that says 100% angel (my first, obviously) on my upper thigh, chinese letters going down my ribs that mean mother and daughter, "prayer" in Hebrew under the chinese tattoo, 3 stars on my hip, a lotus flower with a cross with the scripture 1 Corinthians 3:7 on the lower right side of my back, and a forget-me-not with a lady bug on my foot.

3. i am an only child and i love it!

4. i love hot dogs. i could eat hot dogs like every day. my boyfriend and i buy giant boxes of hot dogs from BJ's. i don't even need the bread to enjoy the hot dog. i had 6 hot dogs in one day once. i could have eaten more but i didn't want to have a heart attack.

5. my car radio has to be on a multiple of 5 (10,15, 20)...15 is the best level in my car...if that's what level it's on that means i'm listening to some good music. 10 in the mediocre level for songs that i don't love but can tolerate, 5 is phone level.

6. i'm addicted to the murder mystery shows that come on TruTv (i.e. Forensic Files, the Investigators, and Suburban Secrets). they give me nightmares but it worth it for me.

Here's who i'm tagging:
1. Lovely Locks
2. Sunsail
3. Chi Chi
4. Gina
5. Sisterlock Adoration
6. Brenda

All Locked up!

Yesterday i finally got my sisterlocks installed! it took 10 hours but i was glad that she was able to finish in the first day. Funny story...i broke my camera yesterday as well so there won't be any pics until i get a new camera. that will probably be next week because my birthday is next week so i should be able to get a new camera. i want to be able to take pics of my journey. i don't have too much scalp showing at all because i have a nice thick head of hair. she curled them on perm rods because my hair was sticking up all over the place and i looked like a crazy woman lol.

i absolutely love the low maintenance of my brand new locks. i had a job interview this morning and all i had to worry about was what to wear. i walked in feeling really confident and that was a nice feeling. i think the interview went really well and i hope to hear from them by next week. i actually have a class with one of the people who interviewed me and he hired another girl we have class with last year so i think my chances are good. i think they were impressed with my responses. i am really good at interviewing thanks to my mommy.

i promise pics will be posted as soon as i get a new camera!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My supervisor is a cartoon character

In case you don't know, i am a supports coordinator for individuals who are mentally challenged. Basically, i'm a case manager with a fancy title. I love my consumers but I don't love my supervisor. He is completely incompetent and it boggles my mind how he became a supervisor. Why is it that i have to email him to tell him to do his job so that i can do mine??

He never seems to know the answer to anything and the man has been working here for almost 8 years! Every time i ask him a question its: "Lemme ask so and so..." Does "so and so" ever get asked?? Of course what do i have to do? Ask his silly a** again!

Ready for another fun fact?? He has 4 other people other than me that he supervises and he is so behind on his work. Let me quickly explain something...every 3 months i see my consumers either at home, at their day program, or i contact their families over the phone...these are called monitorings. after the monitorings are completed i come back to the office and i enter what is called a monitoring report. I then submit a concern sheet to my supervisor and he looks at the report and submits it so that when i look in the system it should say completed. If he does not submit the monitoring reports for me, I cannot enter another report the next time i do another monitoring. Now remember, i see my consumers every three months. This month (October actually) i have 10 people to monitor and do monitoring reports for...the last time i saw these people was in July and the monitoring reports have still not been submitted. FROM JULY!!! Are you kidding me? What the hell has he been doing? The reports take 5 minutes to look at and all he needs to do is click the damn button. Every month i have to email him and ask him to submit the reports i entered 3 months ago so that i can enter the new one! He's an idiot.

You may be wondering why i have a picture of Peter Griffin from Family Guy in this post. That's what my supervisor looks like...i'm not even close to kidding. He's not quite as fat but imagine if Peter lost a good like 50 pounds you would have my supervisor aka "The Fridge".

p.s. I have a job interview on Thursday morning making more money and working with a more competent supervisor...wish me luck! oh yeah, and i get my locks installed tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Philly Locks Conference

So i have been looking at blogs especially intensely the last few days. In fact, i am doing it right now at work lol. In any event i saw on Cluizel's page that she went to the Philly Locks Conference last year so i thought i would Google it and see if there was one being held in Philly this year and there is! It's this weekend on the 4th and 5th and i will have been locked for 3 days haha. It will be like my "coming out" party to the locked community. I got my friend AfroChic to come with me (she's natural but not locked) and she is going to bring her locked boyfriend with her (i'm gonna call him Jeanius because that's what he calls his poetic side and there will be pics to come after the event). I of course am going to try to get my boyfriend to come and it will be a regular ol' double date! i am so excited...2 more days until i get my sisterlocks!

I think i am most looking forward to networking with intelligent, like-minded, but unique people. I am also looking to meet up with some other sisterlocked sistahs so that we can arrange gatherings and such. I have seen the DFW gatherings and i long for that sense of sisterhood (being an only child myself). Stay tuuuuuuuuuuuuned =)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Debate

It's moments after the first Presidential Debate and I am watching the post-debate analyses. The analysts seem to think that there was not a clear victory. Clearly they are not very good analysts because Obama obviously took that one! He not only held his own but he was able to "keep it real" so to speak. Obama's personality came out along with the wealth of knowledge that he has about foreign policy. It seemed to me that the only thing that McCain had to hold onto was his knowledge of war tactics and that didn't even impress me. Where was he getting his facts from? Why did Obama have to constantly explain and defend himself? Was he not listening or was he just trying to throw dirt on Obama?

Another thing that bothered me while watching the debate was the fact that McCain said (on several occasions): "Senator Obama doesn't seem to understand..." The man is not mentally challenged. I am sure he understands full well what he is talking about and i thought McCain was just badgering and talking down to Obama. That's not what i call fighting. The only thing that McCain has going for him is that he was a POW. How does that make him qualified to be president? The man can't even lift his arms past his shoulders (that was a cheap shot but i'm angry)!

I can't wait to see the Vice Presidential debates...Sarah Palin is going to be eaten alive. A woman who advocates family so strongly should maybe stop and spend some time with her family that is falling apart. Maybe take care of her 17 year old pregnant, engaged, shotgun wedding-having daughter and her 5 month old baby with Down's. She is a walking contradiction but the scary thing is is that there are people who are going to vote for McCain/Palin simply because Palin is a woman! She is no Hillary Clinton and if people would do their research they would see that. By the way...who is governing Alaska while she's parading around the country pretending like she could really be a good Vice President??

Pre-Sisterlocks Photos

These are just some pics of a couple of my looks. i have been rocking the TWA for almost a year now (pic with the orange shirt). most of the time i had braids. i tried palm rolls a couple times and i blow dried by hair out once but what you see is a shrunken version of the real beast that is my hair haha!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think she had SL's

So last night after class my boyfriend and I decided to go to WaWa for some ice cream. As we're standing in front of the freezer deciding what flavors to get a woman comes and stands next to me, apparently looking for a frozen fix as well. i happened to look over at her and :::gasp::: are those sisterlocks?? they were obviously in their beginning stages but they looked like tiny little braids. i couldn't help but stare at her head and try to figure out what the heck was in her hair. they were tiny and her hair was so thick and fell just below her ears. i probably should have just asked her but, alas, i did not and i just gave into staring awkwardly as she stood in front of me in line (i made my boyfriend get behind her so i could look at her hair more).

By the way...only 8 more days until my sisterlocks are installed!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cutting the Cord

So in a month i will be 23...i have not lived at home with my mom since i left for college 5 years ago. i am financially independent in almost every way, and yet-- i still don't feel like she has cut the cord. or is it me who has not cut the cord?? in any event, i don't think the cord has been fully cut and it has been weighing on me for the past year or so.

my mother is a great person and i love and respect her very much. we have a great relationship but sometimes i feel like i am smothered. she is my mother, and not my friend, and at times it is hard to see the difference. she shares a lot with me as far as her personal life goes, sometimes much more than i would like to know. at this age it is fine...but she even shared things with me when i was a little girl, a time when i don't think such personal things were appropriate. i often found myself worrying about her and taking on her burdens and i still feel that way today. i feel like i owe her something because she took such great care of me but i also feel like i am holding back the real, true, 100% me.

i am madly in love with my boyfriend and this is something that is new for me. unfortunately, this is not something i have shared with my mother because she is currently single (not by choice) and she is lonely. not only that but she still looks at me like i am a little girl. i told her that i was enjoying love once and she poo poo'd all over it by saying: "i'm not even going to touch that one." i was really hurt by it because this is a time in my life where wisdom and experience are what i need. instead all i get is bitterness. of course it doesn't make me love my boyfriend any less but i think about it all the time and it makes me apprehensive to talk about him and when i bring him around i don't want to be affectionate with him (not that i would slobber him down in front of her but you get what i mean).

at this point i think i am just rambling but being in the psychology field and studying marriage and family therapy, these are the things that invade my thoughts. i always wonder: how has my mother made me a great has she messed me up?? i can easily name both lol. i guess growing up means doing things that make you happy and not what will make your parents or anyone else happy. things are going to change between her and i...and they're going to change soon...i hope she's prepared ('cause i'm not)...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

Ok so I don't think I have quite figured out this whole blogging thing just yet. i just figured out how to add my favorite blogs to my page, which I guess is a milestone. Is there no way to actually search blogs though? I really would like to find some women in the Philadelphia area that I could network with. I guess I will just have to be patient. My hair isn't even locked yet so I guess I have some time before I will be attending any conferences or brunches or conventions.

I have not been so excited about getting my hair done in my entire life. For the last 4 days or so I have been reading other blogs about sisterlocks non stop! I want to learn as much as I possibly can and I am just generally interested in other people. It's in my nature as a future counselor. I am not only fascinated by the hair blogs but by the profound intelligence of these other women. It is really nice to see so many intelligent and successful black women celebrating their hair liberation. My boyfriend doesn't really understand why I get so emotional about my hair but he more than supports my decision to get sisterlocks. He is thinking of locking as well some point later on in life. I think he is a little bit excited but of course he would never show it. He loves natural hair and just a natural woman. When we met I was transitioning from permed to natural hair so my hair was in micros. He loved those but when I took my braids out he lost his mind. He puts his hands in my hair all the time. That actually kind of bothers me because my hair is kind of greasy from all the moisturizer I have to put in it to keep it from looking like a dry mess. Once I get my sisterlocks though he can put his hands in my hair all he wants!

I have also realized just how different my hair is from everyone else's. I have been looking at a million blogs and I have yet to see one woman who had as tight a curl as I have. My hair looks like a tiny little fro but if I were to blow it out it becomes this GIANT afro! The people at my job are really amazed. The first time I can to work with my hair blown out they were all so amazed because they could not believe that all that hair had been curled up on top of my head. The picture is of my boyfriend and I at a friend's birthday party. That was taken in March so my hair is considerably longer but it still looks that length. My hair is growing like wild fire but the longer it grows, the tighter the curl gets so it really looks like nothing has happened. I have pics of the fro but they do no justice because right after I spend 30 minutes blow drying the darn thing, i head outside and it shrinks.
My hair is just not meant to be straight. That is why I am so abundantly glad that I discovered sisterlocks. Just 17 days until hair FREEDOM!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Almost Time!!

I'm only 3 weeks away from being sisterlocked and I am so excited! My test locks held up very well...all 4 of them have stayed slippage at all. Denise, my consultant, predicted that I wouldn't have much slippage because of the texture of my hair. I am sure, however, that I will have a lot of shrinkage. If I were to blow dry my hair I would have a huge afro but as soon as any kind of moisture touches my hair it shrinks. Who knew that they kinky nature of my hair would actually come in handy one day. Can't wait to be SL'd!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The secret is out!

I finally told my mother today what my plans were for my hair today. I sent her the link to the sisterlocks website and told her to read up a little bit before she added her opinion. Surprisingly enough, she likes the idea and she had about a million questions. I was happy to answer them because I had done my research and it meant that she was being supportive and trying to understand my decision. I think she gets it and I think she will really love my hair once I have my sisterlocks installed and she can get an in-person visual. Now I am even more excited about getting my SL's installed!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I have a date!

So I had a consultation with Denise at Nubian Solutions. It was a great experience! She was so professional but so friendly at the same time. It was comforting to have her go through the entire process with me. I have very dense hair with a deep curl, apparently so she said my hair will lock pretty quickly! I am getting my sisterlocks installed on October 1st. Maybe the 2nd as well depending on whether or not she finishes on the 1st. I have about 5 inches of hair to work with, which was a lot more than she expected because my hair is so tightly coiled. I am really excited about getting my sisterlocks installed! I just know i am going to absolutely love them. I haven't told my mother yet but I think I am going to wait until after they are installed. I know she will support me but I would rather not have the negativity. I only want to be positive and look to the future with my new found freedom and a head of hair that I can truly love and appreciate. I will continue to update you on my journey and can't wait to upload my first pics with my sisterlocks!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Doing my research

Hello all! i have just started doing my research on sisterlocks. i have been natural for about 6 months now and i love it. this is the most i have liked my hair in my entire life. i am still not in love yet though. i have palm rolls right now and someone asked me if i had sisterlocks. at the time i didnt know what she was talking about so i Googled sisterlocks and found several blogs as well as the official website. i have been reading and researching non-stop. i actually emailed a consultant in my area with a brief story and some questions. hopefully i will be able to meet with her soon. i really would like to love myself totally and my hair is one of the main things stopping me from being able to do so. i will keep you all posted on my journey!