Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My supervisor is a cartoon character

In case you don't know, i am a supports coordinator for individuals who are mentally challenged. Basically, i'm a case manager with a fancy title. I love my consumers but I don't love my supervisor. He is completely incompetent and it boggles my mind how he became a supervisor. Why is it that i have to email him to tell him to do his job so that i can do mine??

He never seems to know the answer to anything and the man has been working here for almost 8 years! Every time i ask him a question its: "Lemme ask so and so..." Does "so and so" ever get asked?? Of course not...so what do i have to do? Ask his silly a** again!

Ready for another fun fact?? He has 4 other people other than me that he supervises and he is so behind on his work. Let me quickly explain something...every 3 months i see my consumers either at home, at their day program, or i contact their families over the phone...these are called monitorings. after the monitorings are completed i come back to the office and i enter what is called a monitoring report. I then submit a concern sheet to my supervisor and he looks at the report and submits it so that when i look in the system it should say completed. If he does not submit the monitoring reports for me, I cannot enter another report the next time i do another monitoring. Now remember, i see my consumers every three months. This month (October actually) i have 10 people to monitor and do monitoring reports for...the last time i saw these people was in July and the monitoring reports have still not been submitted. FROM JULY!!! Are you kidding me? What the hell has he been doing? The reports take 5 minutes to look at and all he needs to do is click the damn button. Every month i have to email him and ask him to submit the reports i entered 3 months ago so that i can enter the new one! He's an idiot.

You may be wondering why i have a picture of Peter Griffin from Family Guy in this post. That's what my supervisor looks like...i'm not even close to kidding. He's not quite as fat but imagine if Peter lost a good like 50 pounds you would have my supervisor aka "The Fridge".

p.s. I have a job interview on Thursday morning making more money and working with a more competent supervisor...wish me luck! oh yeah, and i get my locks installed tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Philly Locks Conference

So i have been looking at blogs especially intensely the last few days. In fact, i am doing it right now at work lol. In any event i saw on Cluizel's page that she went to the Philly Locks Conference last year so i thought i would Google it and see if there was one being held in Philly this year and there is! It's this weekend on the 4th and 5th and i will have been locked for 3 days haha. It will be like my "coming out" party to the locked community. I got my friend AfroChic to come with me (she's natural but not locked) and she is going to bring her locked boyfriend with her (i'm gonna call him Jeanius because that's what he calls his poetic side and there will be pics to come after the event). I of course am going to try to get my boyfriend to come and it will be a regular ol' double date! i am so excited...2 more days until i get my sisterlocks!

I think i am most looking forward to networking with intelligent, like-minded, but unique people. I am also looking to meet up with some other sisterlocked sistahs so that we can arrange gatherings and such. I have seen the DFW gatherings and i long for that sense of sisterhood (being an only child myself). Stay tuuuuuuuuuuuuned =)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Debate

It's moments after the first Presidential Debate and I am watching the post-debate analyses. The analysts seem to think that there was not a clear victory. Clearly they are not very good analysts because Obama obviously took that one! He not only held his own but he was able to "keep it real" so to speak. Obama's personality came out along with the wealth of knowledge that he has about foreign policy. It seemed to me that the only thing that McCain had to hold onto was his knowledge of war tactics and that didn't even impress me. Where was he getting his facts from? Why did Obama have to constantly explain and defend himself? Was he not listening or was he just trying to throw dirt on Obama?

Another thing that bothered me while watching the debate was the fact that McCain said (on several occasions): "Senator Obama doesn't seem to understand..." The man is not mentally challenged. I am sure he understands full well what he is talking about and i thought McCain was just badgering and talking down to Obama. That's not what i call fighting. The only thing that McCain has going for him is that he was a POW. How does that make him qualified to be president? The man can't even lift his arms past his shoulders (that was a cheap shot but i'm angry)!

I can't wait to see the Vice Presidential debates...Sarah Palin is going to be eaten alive. A woman who advocates family so strongly should maybe stop and spend some time with her family that is falling apart. Maybe take care of her 17 year old pregnant, engaged, shotgun wedding-having daughter and her 5 month old baby with Down's. She is a walking contradiction but the scary thing is is that there are people who are going to vote for McCain/Palin simply because Palin is a woman! She is no Hillary Clinton and if people would do their research they would see that. By the way...who is governing Alaska while she's parading around the country pretending like she could really be a good Vice President??

Pre-Sisterlocks Photos

These are just some pics of a couple of my looks. i have been rocking the TWA for almost a year now (pic with the orange shirt). most of the time i had braids. i tried palm rolls a couple times and i blow dried by hair out once but what you see is a shrunken version of the real beast that is my hair haha!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think she had SL's

So last night after class my boyfriend and I decided to go to WaWa for some ice cream. As we're standing in front of the freezer deciding what flavors to get a woman comes and stands next to me, apparently looking for a frozen fix as well. i happened to look over at her and :::gasp::: are those sisterlocks?? they were obviously in their beginning stages but they looked like tiny little braids. i couldn't help but stare at her head and try to figure out what the heck was in her hair. they were gorgeous...so tiny and her hair was so thick and fell just below her ears. i probably should have just asked her but, alas, i did not and i just gave into staring awkwardly as she stood in front of me in line (i made my boyfriend get behind her so i could look at her hair more).

By the way...only 8 more days until my sisterlocks are installed!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cutting the Cord

So in a month i will be 23...i have not lived at home with my mom since i left for college 5 years ago. i am financially independent in almost every way, and yet-- i still don't feel like she has cut the cord. or is it me who has not cut the cord?? in any event, i don't think the cord has been fully cut and it has been weighing on me for the past year or so.

my mother is a great person and i love and respect her very much. we have a great relationship but sometimes i feel like i am smothered. she is my mother, and not my friend, and at times it is hard to see the difference. she shares a lot with me as far as her personal life goes, sometimes much more than i would like to know. at this age it is fine...but she even shared things with me when i was a little girl, a time when i don't think such personal things were appropriate. i often found myself worrying about her and taking on her burdens and i still feel that way today. i feel like i owe her something because she took such great care of me but i also feel like i am holding back the real, true, 100% me.

i am madly in love with my boyfriend and this is something that is new for me. unfortunately, this is not something i have shared with my mother because she is currently single (not by choice) and she is lonely. not only that but she still looks at me like i am a little girl. i told her that i was enjoying love once and she poo poo'd all over it by saying: "i'm not even going to touch that one." i was really hurt by it because this is a time in my life where wisdom and experience are what i need. instead all i get is bitterness. of course it doesn't make me love my boyfriend any less but i think about it all the time and it makes me apprehensive to talk about him and when i bring him around i don't want to be affectionate with him (not that i would slobber him down in front of her but you get what i mean).

at this point i think i am just rambling but being in the psychology field and studying marriage and family therapy, these are the things that invade my thoughts. i always wonder: how has my mother made me a great person...how has she messed me up?? i can easily name both lol. i guess growing up means doing things that make you happy and not what will make your parents or anyone else happy. things are going to change between her and i...and they're going to change soon...i hope she's prepared ('cause i'm not)...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

Ok so I don't think I have quite figured out this whole blogging thing just yet. i just figured out how to add my favorite blogs to my page, which I guess is a milestone. Is there no way to actually search blogs though? I really would like to find some women in the Philadelphia area that I could network with. I guess I will just have to be patient. My hair isn't even locked yet so I guess I have some time before I will be attending any conferences or brunches or conventions.

I have not been so excited about getting my hair done in my entire life. For the last 4 days or so I have been reading other blogs about sisterlocks non stop! I want to learn as much as I possibly can and I am just generally interested in other people. It's in my nature as a future counselor. I am not only fascinated by the hair blogs but by the profound intelligence of these other women. It is really nice to see so many intelligent and successful black women celebrating their hair liberation. My boyfriend doesn't really understand why I get so emotional about my hair but he more than supports my decision to get sisterlocks. He is thinking of locking as well some point later on in life. I think he is a little bit excited but of course he would never show it. He loves natural hair and just a natural woman. When we met I was transitioning from permed to natural hair so my hair was in micros. He loved those but when I took my braids out he lost his mind. He puts his hands in my hair all the time. That actually kind of bothers me because my hair is kind of greasy from all the moisturizer I have to put in it to keep it from looking like a dry mess. Once I get my sisterlocks though he can put his hands in my hair all he wants!

I have also realized just how different my hair is from everyone else's. I have been looking at a million blogs and I have yet to see one woman who had as tight a curl as I have. My hair looks like a tiny little fro but if I were to blow it out it becomes this GIANT afro! The people at my job are really amazed. The first time I can to work with my hair blown out they were all so amazed because they could not believe that all that hair had been curled up on top of my head. The picture is of my boyfriend and I at a friend's birthday party. That was taken in March so my hair is considerably longer but it still looks that length. My hair is growing like wild fire but the longer it grows, the tighter the curl gets so it really looks like nothing has happened. I have pics of the fro but they do no justice because right after I spend 30 minutes blow drying the darn thing, i head outside and it shrinks.
My hair is just not meant to be straight. That is why I am so abundantly glad that I discovered sisterlocks. Just 17 days until hair FREEDOM!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Almost Time!!

I'm only 3 weeks away from being sisterlocked and I am so excited! My test locks held up very well...all 4 of them have stayed in...no slippage at all. Denise, my consultant, predicted that I wouldn't have much slippage because of the texture of my hair. I am sure, however, that I will have a lot of shrinkage. If I were to blow dry my hair I would have a huge afro but as soon as any kind of moisture touches my hair it shrinks. Who knew that they kinky nature of my hair would actually come in handy one day. Can't wait to be SL'd!!