Monday, July 27, 2009

Update on the Job

Well I have been blessed this week and it's only Monday! My old job called me and said they have a few positions open and I am welcome to come back. Not only that, but I get my vacation time back! Thank GOD! I had been praying and working hard to get my resume out there and making as many contacts as I could and something came through. I actually found a new church to go to. I had not been to church in a long time because I was looking for something that I felt suited me. My co-worker and good friend invited me to her church--very untraditional and totally my style. It is a small church where there are no pews. It's a church within a church, if you will. The name of the church is Sojourn (if you're interested in the website it is At Sojourn their mantra is "no one does like alone". It is for people who are overchurch and underchurched. What I like most about this church is that there is no pressure to impress by wearing one's best outfit or hat. I walked in and immediately was soothed by the coffee-house like atmosphere with the round tables with candles set up. People walked up to me and introduced themselves and thanked me for being present. The message was short but concise and meaningful. Membership is not contingent upon you taking a new members class early in the morning on a Sunday but an individual is welcomed to return with open arms and is an automatic member. The members bring coffee and donuts and other snacks to the service and do not require an offering but instead ask for a donation of whatever one can give. I am sure that I will be returning on a weekly basis so that I may work on my spiritual connection with God and others.

Thank you for all your prayers and well-wishes. It is greatly appreciated! God bless!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Soft Spikes?

I just finished reading Brunsli's post on her large Soft Spike Curlers and I thought to myself: "Are my locks long enough for the small soft spikes?" The answer, I really don't know--that's where you guys come in. Is there anyone out there in the blogger verse that has any idea how long ones locks should be/need to be before they can use the soft spike curlers? My friend is getting married in 2 weeks and I would love to style my locks for the first time in the almost 10 months since my installation. Another question...does anyone with soft spikes actually use the gel or do you use water or some other kind of setting lotion. Any suggestions/advice would be welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tough Times

Well, blog-friends. It would seem that no one is recession-proof these days. Due to a lack of funds and some union business that I am not at liberty to discuss, the job that I have only had for 3 months will be closing on September 10th. I have less than 2 months to find a new job...and in this economy.

We found out about 2 weeks that we were closing. In case you didn't know, I work in a methadone clinic as a counselor. My clients rely on me to be the listening ear that they likely didn't get for much of their lives and now, we're shutting down because some people decided that they didn't want to do the things necessary to save the hospital...and now these same people, instead of sacrificing a few dollars, won't have a job at all.

Am I worried, most definitely...especially since my boyfriend and I work for the same company and therefore both of us will be out of a job come September. We do have plans, however, and I am back on careerbuilder searching furiously. If worse comes to worst I will be a nanny and work under the table until I can find something more permanent. I know we will be okay but I am more worried about my clients. Who is going to guide them and help them through their quest for sobriety if there are no counselors? Many of them have trust issues and it has taken them almost 3 months to build rapport with me and begin to open up and begin to heal...I really feel like this will be a potential setback for a lot of the clients and it saddens me to think that after finally beginning to make some headway they will have to start all over again.

I will keep you guys posted on my job hunt and this whole situation. We are praying that something can be done to keep the clinic open...what that something will be I am not sure...but only time will tell...

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Here is the finished product of my honey's brotherlocks! It took 10 hours which is about the same amount of time that my install took. Myself, honey, and our consultant Brandy had a good time talking and laughing. Luckily she came to us so I took a nap since she started at 6am and I went to bed at like 2am. Can't wait to see how his locks develop. Hopefully his don't grow longer than mine!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Locked Love

My honey is getting brotherlocks! He had his consult yesterday with my new consultant Brandy. His install date is July 18th!

They dangle now!

Clearly not working because I'm playing in my hair

9 months!

Obviously the back haha...yay me!