Monday, March 8, 2010

The Rice Challenge- Day 1

Hey all! So since February 14, 2010 my church family and I have been putting change into these little rice bowls. This week, March 8-12 is what we like to call THE RICE CHALLENGE. The rice challenge is a challenge in which myself and my church family eat rice for our 3 meals a day.

Did you know that half of the world lives on just $2 a day and half of that (or one fourth) lives on just $1 a day??? That makes us Americans extremely blessed, wouldn't you say? In solidarity with the rest of the world we eat rice, in the hopes that it will help us to fully understand what it is like to live in poverty and help us appreciate just how blessed we are. Not only that, but we are giving back and although the change that we donate to will just be a "drop in the bucket", knowing that we did something should be nourishment enough (at least for 5 days).

Today was day 1 and I'd be lying if I said it was a piece of cake (mmmm, cake). I am hungry, irritable, and sluggish--BUT I am not giving up and I am proud to share that I am doing this. I have never done a fast before and I am not sure what to expect I will gain in addition to the aforementioned things. I will update as much as possible throughout the week but I can't promise you that I will blog every day because I am drained like you wouldn't believe.

**I start roller derby practice tomorrow so I will be eating some extra rice and likely a protein bar to ensure that I get through practice safely.


Tinuke said...

Stay strong sisiter. I like your blog so I gave you a blog award. Pls check it out on my page

Queen Lioness said...

This is an awesome cause and its so inspiring to see you do it. Stay strong and kick butt in roller derby!