Monday, August 18, 2008

I have a date!

So I had a consultation with Denise at Nubian Solutions. It was a great experience! She was so professional but so friendly at the same time. It was comforting to have her go through the entire process with me. I have very dense hair with a deep curl, apparently so she said my hair will lock pretty quickly! I am getting my sisterlocks installed on October 1st. Maybe the 2nd as well depending on whether or not she finishes on the 1st. I have about 5 inches of hair to work with, which was a lot more than she expected because my hair is so tightly coiled. I am really excited about getting my sisterlocks installed! I just know i am going to absolutely love them. I haven't told my mother yet but I think I am going to wait until after they are installed. I know she will support me but I would rather not have the negativity. I only want to be positive and look to the future with my new found freedom and a head of hair that I can truly love and appreciate. I will continue to update you on my journey and can't wait to upload my first pics with my sisterlocks!

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Can Van Dam said...

oh my... this sounds swell... I'm sure your hair will be lovely with sisterlocks... kinda don't know what it is... so I'ma look it up