Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gonna start from the outside...

And work my way in! I realize how shallow this sounds so I guess I should explain myself! As of late I have not been feeling my usual beautiful hair needs to be retightened, I haven't been able to workout like I have wanted to, and I am in need of a therapeutic shopping spree. While I feel pretty good on the inside (most days) I feel that less when I look in the mirror. I feel like I should look different, somehow. I haven't quite figured out how, sorry to tell you. In any event, today I went to the mall to use my $20 gift card to Bath & Body Works that I got from my supervisor for Christmas (sweet gift, right?) and after spending $37 (I had to pony up the other $17 myself--for Moonlight Path though, and if you have ever smelled that you would know it was totally worth it) I ended up in Sephora.

I usually walk into Sephora and walk right out because the makeup lights make the store unbearably warm but I wasn't wearing a coat today because it was 65 degrees outside so I was able to hang around long enough to see what they had for me. I walked over to a giant poster of Kat Von D--of L.A. Ink (I'm an ink whore in case you didn't know...I have 6 tattoos)-- and saw that she had her own line of makeup. If you have ever seen the show you know that Kat, while tatt'd from head to toe is still very beautiful and feminine. I am going to guess and say its because she always has phenomenal makeup on. So after standing there for 15 minutes, I ended up with an eye shadow pallette with about 8 different colors in it, a pallette with a matte shadow on one side and the glittery version on the other, and a mascara with fibers that attach to your eyelashes to make them look long and luscious. The eye shadow is not by Kat, though. I spent a pretty penny in Sephora but I think it's good to treat yourself sometimes so I feel good about my purchases.

I've gone onto youtube and checked out some make-up tutorials for smokey eye and basic every day looks so that I can put my new makeup to good use. I will try to post pics of my look once I try it out but if i don't please don't be mad, I'm lazy lol. Just remind me and I will eventually post some pics for you to check out.

Oh yeah! While I was on youtube checking out a tutorial one of the girls doing the tutorial recommended a website called that has very reasonably priced makeup and makeup tools. I'll probably be spending more money very soon haha.


Meikmeika said...

There's nothing wrong with mini shopping sprees....hehe!

I haven't worn make-up since my high school prom and really need some tips on creating a natural look for New Years. Guess I need to hit up Youtube...Thanks!

Cluizel said...

Yeah shopping! :-)

I don't do make up very often...but I like to buy nice body washes and scrubs and stuff. Everything is on youtube nowadays...dang! lol

Au Naturale said...

yeah my little spree has caused me to put myself on a spending freeze for this month lol. totally worth it though. and youtube is AWESOME!

Miranda.Larmony said...

So funny you mention moonlight path cuz it's sitting here right next to me on my dresser!