Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm a Rebel!

Soo I washed my hair today without braiding (twisting really) and banding! Yes, I know...gasp! My head was itching like crazy and I could make it snow just by running my fingers through it. I needed to get ALL of the snowflakes out and relieve myself of the itching so i washed my hair gently without braiding or banding. It felt absolutely amazing! I loved the way my hair felt wet and free. I won't be doing it again though until I get the OK from my consultant but it had to be done.

As I have mentioned I have some stubborn locks on the edges so those came out all the way but they would have whether I had braided/banded anyway since they don't fit in a braid. I'm not concerned at all...there's maybe 6 or 7 tiny locks that slipped. Everyone else seems to be in good condition! I'm sorry guys...it's my rebellious nature lol.

P.S. Happy Holidays! I'll have a post coming soon picturing all of my awesome gifts that my honey got me. He's an awesome gift giver!

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Meikmeika said...

I'm not mad at it..I know exactly how you feel... Now you've gotten a taste of not braiding and banding, hehe, you may never go back!!!

Enjoy your Christmas!!!