Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeling Encouraged

I had an AWESOME workout today. I mean seriously, it was phenomenal. One of the best I have had in months! I went with one of my roommates since it was nasty out and I didn't want to have to walk down...she's lazy so she drove lol. I did a strong 33 minutes on the elliptical, burning 481 calories. All of the treads were taken so I headed downstairs and did some stomach work and some lunges with 10 pound weights. I made my way back upstairs and there was an open treadmill so I jogged for 15 minutes and then the last minute I kicked up the speed and just ran really hard. I was on the tread for a total of 20 minutes and burned about 175 more calories!

I was gross and sweaty and coughing my brains out in the women's locker room (still getting over my cold) but it felt really good to push myself. I came home and took a nice long hot shower and really took time to appreciate this body of mine. It's not perfect, but it works and it worked pretty well today, despite me still being a little sick.

Maybe my motivation is that I'm going to spend the weekend with my 2 Jersey girls who are considerably smaller than I am. Not that I am going to lose 15 pounds by tomorrow but I just feel more confident knowing that I am taking an active role in becoming a more healthy and fit woman. I should have a great time this weekend and will watch what I eat so that I can get back on the workout grind on Monday, my next opportunity to get to the gym. Super Bowl is on Sunday so I may eat an exorbitant amount of wings...

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Cherish Love said...

I always love a good workout and I think that if you are not completely able to stay fit naturally (ie hiking, swimming, chopping wood etc. LOL) then working out on a regular basis is a must! I know I don't know you and so I haven't seen you in person, but I have to say you seem to have an excellent figure so I wouldn't worry about your "Jersey girls" too much. Although, being on the smaller side than some of my friends and still wanting to lose the 15 pounds that I still haven't lost from post-pregnancy (sometimes I feel guilty or like I'm being insensitive about talking about losing those extra pounds around them), I can definitely understand your woes. Good job and keep it up!