Monday, January 12, 2009


My honey got me the new Brandy CD--Human, for Christmas. It took listening to it a few times for me to really begin to love it but I definitely recommend checking it out. The album title song is one that definitely pulls at my heart strings...i get a little teary eyes almost every time I listen to it, especially when I am going through rough times (like now with my mother, for example). I found the song on YouTube...I don't know how to get the actual song in there so here's the link

Here are the lyrics too:

Verse 1:
I've said sorry over a thousand times
Is there anything to say to you, to help you dry your eyes?
I would make it all better if I could
I hope you realize
I cry, when you cry
I hurt, when you hurt
I make mistakes but I can't turn back time

I'm only human (forgive me)
I'm only human (love me)
I'm only human (save me)
Save me from myself
I'm no super woman (embrace me)
I'm fragile and broken
You're just like me
I'm perfectly human
I might just tell a lie
Pefectly human...but I'm an angel in disguise

Verse 2:
I'm standing in the mirror and a stranger's looking back
What are you afraid of girl, the future or the past
If you want to see inside of me all you have to do is ask
I cry, when you cry
I hurt when you hurt
I make mistakes but i can't turn back time

(Repeat chorus)

Maybe what tears us apart is what brings us back together
And everything that makes us different, really brings us closer
Could you hold me (for a little while)?
Could you love me (without a doubt)
I need you, I need you

(Repeat chorus)

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Meikmeika said...

Back in the day I wasn't the biggest Brandy fan...but I really like this CD. Brandy has a voice that's unmistakable, which is a wonderful thing!