Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Yo Face West Coast

We had a snow day!!!!! You West Coasters and your warm weather always get to brag about how it's 75 degrees in wherever you are and I need something to brag about. Now, I am sorry for any of you who got snow but still had to go to work but again I HAD A SNOW DAY!!! That's one thing the West Coasters can't have lol. I haven't had a snow day since I don't know when...

I remember when I was in middle school we would hear about a snow storm coming the next day and everyone would wear their pajamas inside out. Now what that did or what logic there was connected to inside out pj's and snow, I don't know but it seemed to work! I did not wear my pj's inside out last night lol but there was someone up there looking out for me because I was so not looking forward to going to work.

By the end of the week I will have worked 2 days and used 3 different kinds of days off. I was out sick on Monday (there is something horrible going around), today was a snow day, and Friday I am off on a vacation day because I'm headed to Jersey for some QT with Little Italy and my Butter Pecan Rican--together we are the United Nations!

I also have Monday and Tuesday of next week off because Tuesday I am getting my hair done. So let me share my logic because I'm sure you're wondering why a 3 hour retightening merits 2 more days off. My appointment, as I mentioned, is on a Tuesday at 9:30am. I was already planning on taking the day off (probably a call out) but then my friends mentioned this alum reunion for my high school and that I should come home so I took Friday off and thought to myself: "Well, it doesn't make sense to take off Friday, come in Monday, and take off Tuesday...I'll just talk them all off!" So that's how I have 5 days off of work...ha!
P.S. We did not get as much snow as you see in the pic above...and I do not know those people.

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Kay exquisite said...

I got sick on monday tooo, it totally sucked.... :-( couldnt really enjoy the snow I still had class and the snow although there was a lot of it, it didnt stick around very long. But I'm glad you had a snow day at least someone got to enjoy the benefits of nature :-)