Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So when yesterday I decided I wanted to go for a nice jog on the treadmill in my building. I got the key from the front desk, did my jog, and proceeded back to the front desk to retrieve my i.d. and return the key. My favorite security guard was there talking to some girl (as usual...I swear this man must be a mack...there are always women standing at the front desk talking to him). The girl had traditional locks that were dyed a kind of rusty red/orange and they fell just above her eyebrows, at least in the front (she must have had it pinned in the back or something). I wave the treadmill key at the security guard and as he is grabbing my i.d. the conversation with the girl goes like this:

Girl: I like your locks...
Me: Thank you (turns back to security guard)
Girl: How long have you been locking?
Me: Ummm, 9 months
Girl: Oh...(looks puzzled) did they start as nubs?
Me: (trying not to kick her teeth in) No, I have a lot of shrinkage going on, they're longer than they look
Girl: (confused) Oh, I've been locking 8 or 9 months too (clearly said to say her locks are longer than mine)
Me: Well, I don't have traditional locks...these are sisterlocks
Girl: Oh...I figured (smirks)

What the hell is wrong with people???? Did they start as nubs! You can't even start locks from a nub...and what the heck did she mean by nub anyway? Every time I've heard the word nub was when I would hear African Americans say: "Touch me again, you'll draw back a nub!" The whole time she was looking at me so smugly as if her locks were so much better than mine. Hello! We're both natural...we have something in common. Not anymore, we don't. I'm hoping not to ever encounter her again...she is not worthy of having a lock conversation with. Hmph!


Meikmeika said...

I'm thinkin she thought you were competition, for the security guard, and felt threatened. She had to say or do something to make you look bad.

Little does she know, she was the one who looked like the fool....

Lalaboobaby said...

Some people lack any type of intelligence and tack. Move on honey and keep rock'n your locs.