Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My supervisor is a cartoon character

In case you don't know, i am a supports coordinator for individuals who are mentally challenged. Basically, i'm a case manager with a fancy title. I love my consumers but I don't love my supervisor. He is completely incompetent and it boggles my mind how he became a supervisor. Why is it that i have to email him to tell him to do his job so that i can do mine??

He never seems to know the answer to anything and the man has been working here for almost 8 years! Every time i ask him a question its: "Lemme ask so and so..." Does "so and so" ever get asked?? Of course not...so what do i have to do? Ask his silly a** again!

Ready for another fun fact?? He has 4 other people other than me that he supervises and he is so behind on his work. Let me quickly explain something...every 3 months i see my consumers either at home, at their day program, or i contact their families over the phone...these are called monitorings. after the monitorings are completed i come back to the office and i enter what is called a monitoring report. I then submit a concern sheet to my supervisor and he looks at the report and submits it so that when i look in the system it should say completed. If he does not submit the monitoring reports for me, I cannot enter another report the next time i do another monitoring. Now remember, i see my consumers every three months. This month (October actually) i have 10 people to monitor and do monitoring reports for...the last time i saw these people was in July and the monitoring reports have still not been submitted. FROM JULY!!! Are you kidding me? What the hell has he been doing? The reports take 5 minutes to look at and all he needs to do is click the damn button. Every month i have to email him and ask him to submit the reports i entered 3 months ago so that i can enter the new one! He's an idiot.

You may be wondering why i have a picture of Peter Griffin from Family Guy in this post. That's what my supervisor looks like...i'm not even close to kidding. He's not quite as fat but imagine if Peter lost a good like 50 pounds you would have my supervisor aka "The Fridge".

p.s. I have a job interview on Thursday morning making more money and working with a more competent supervisor...wish me luck! oh yeah, and i get my locks installed tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You have just been tagged! Go to my page for the rules, I think my supervisor is as well