Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Debate

It's moments after the first Presidential Debate and I am watching the post-debate analyses. The analysts seem to think that there was not a clear victory. Clearly they are not very good analysts because Obama obviously took that one! He not only held his own but he was able to "keep it real" so to speak. Obama's personality came out along with the wealth of knowledge that he has about foreign policy. It seemed to me that the only thing that McCain had to hold onto was his knowledge of war tactics and that didn't even impress me. Where was he getting his facts from? Why did Obama have to constantly explain and defend himself? Was he not listening or was he just trying to throw dirt on Obama?

Another thing that bothered me while watching the debate was the fact that McCain said (on several occasions): "Senator Obama doesn't seem to understand..." The man is not mentally challenged. I am sure he understands full well what he is talking about and i thought McCain was just badgering and talking down to Obama. That's not what i call fighting. The only thing that McCain has going for him is that he was a POW. How does that make him qualified to be president? The man can't even lift his arms past his shoulders (that was a cheap shot but i'm angry)!

I can't wait to see the Vice Presidential debates...Sarah Palin is going to be eaten alive. A woman who advocates family so strongly should maybe stop and spend some time with her family that is falling apart. Maybe take care of her 17 year old pregnant, engaged, shotgun wedding-having daughter and her 5 month old baby with Down's. She is a walking contradiction but the scary thing is is that there are people who are going to vote for McCain/Palin simply because Palin is a woman! She is no Hillary Clinton and if people would do their research they would see that. By the way...who is governing Alaska while she's parading around the country pretending like she could really be a good Vice President??

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