Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think she had SL's

So last night after class my boyfriend and I decided to go to WaWa for some ice cream. As we're standing in front of the freezer deciding what flavors to get a woman comes and stands next to me, apparently looking for a frozen fix as well. i happened to look over at her and :::gasp::: are those sisterlocks?? they were obviously in their beginning stages but they looked like tiny little braids. i couldn't help but stare at her head and try to figure out what the heck was in her hair. they were gorgeous...so tiny and her hair was so thick and fell just below her ears. i probably should have just asked her but, alas, i did not and i just gave into staring awkwardly as she stood in front of me in line (i made my boyfriend get behind her so i could look at her hair more).

By the way...only 8 more days until my sisterlocks are installed!


sunsail said...

I bet it seems like the longest 8 days ever!!

lovelylocks said...

lol to your staring that lady down...It's so funny 2 me because I did that to this poor girl..she probably felt uncomfortable...I did ask her about them though. Good luck on your journey!

Au Naturale said...

it's now 6 days and time is standing still sunsail...my hair knows something is up because it is sooo dry and being difficult right now!