Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

Ok so I don't think I have quite figured out this whole blogging thing just yet. i just figured out how to add my favorite blogs to my page, which I guess is a milestone. Is there no way to actually search blogs though? I really would like to find some women in the Philadelphia area that I could network with. I guess I will just have to be patient. My hair isn't even locked yet so I guess I have some time before I will be attending any conferences or brunches or conventions.

I have not been so excited about getting my hair done in my entire life. For the last 4 days or so I have been reading other blogs about sisterlocks non stop! I want to learn as much as I possibly can and I am just generally interested in other people. It's in my nature as a future counselor. I am not only fascinated by the hair blogs but by the profound intelligence of these other women. It is really nice to see so many intelligent and successful black women celebrating their hair liberation. My boyfriend doesn't really understand why I get so emotional about my hair but he more than supports my decision to get sisterlocks. He is thinking of locking as well some point later on in life. I think he is a little bit excited but of course he would never show it. He loves natural hair and just a natural woman. When we met I was transitioning from permed to natural hair so my hair was in micros. He loved those but when I took my braids out he lost his mind. He puts his hands in my hair all the time. That actually kind of bothers me because my hair is kind of greasy from all the moisturizer I have to put in it to keep it from looking like a dry mess. Once I get my sisterlocks though he can put his hands in my hair all he wants!

I have also realized just how different my hair is from everyone else's. I have been looking at a million blogs and I have yet to see one woman who had as tight a curl as I have. My hair looks like a tiny little fro but if I were to blow it out it becomes this GIANT afro! The people at my job are really amazed. The first time I can to work with my hair blown out they were all so amazed because they could not believe that all that hair had been curled up on top of my head. The picture is of my boyfriend and I at a friend's birthday party. That was taken in March so my hair is considerably longer but it still looks that length. My hair is growing like wild fire but the longer it grows, the tighter the curl gets so it really looks like nothing has happened. I have pics of the fro but they do no justice because right after I spend 30 minutes blow drying the darn thing, i head outside and it shrinks.
My hair is just not meant to be straight. That is why I am so abundantly glad that I discovered sisterlocks. Just 17 days until hair FREEDOM!

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