Sunday, November 23, 2008

6 Week Update

This was taken day 1 or 2 after my installation

This is a pic of my locks at 6 weeks. As you can see it is losing the curliness on the ends. I clearly need a retightening...I'll be taking care of that on Tuesday and will take comparison pics. Try not to be grossed out if you can see dandruff. I haven't washed my hair in a month because I don't like to braid and band because my hair is too short and it takes too long so if my retightenings are every 4 weeks, so are my washes!


Naturally Sophia said...

Your hair is coming along nicely. Your first retightening sets the standard about what to expect the next year. It looks great!

sunsail said...

Looking good! It's a big change from when I saw you!

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh pretty!!!!