Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blackberry Storm

This is the new Blackberry Storm by Verizon Wireless. It's touch screen but its got something called SureTouch technology so that you can actually press down on the screen as if there were buttons. I have never had a super high tech phone and I think this phone is absolutely sexy! That's right...inanimate objects can be sexy! The phone comes out on Friday, November 21st and I am due for my "New Every Two" upgrade on December 26th. I am weighing my options and so far this is what I've got:

1. It looks really cool
2. Constant internet access to Google random things that I think about during the day. I could also pay my bills...there are times when I am out and realize I forgot to pay a bill and it is due that day. I could pay it right on the spot.
3. Built-in GPS (I'm a case manager...i drive EVERYWHERE)
4. The ability to check email. I'm a graduate student and we communicate solely through email so the ability to check it anywhere at anytime would really be a convenience.
5. I would get a huge discount and only have to pay $100...maybe less.
6. It looks really cool!

1. Adding the data would increase my bill by $25

As you can see I only have one con. I also get a 21% discount on my monthly bill so instead of paying $100 a month I would only pay $80, which considering all the things I would be able to do that's not bad. I'm actually guaranteeing that most people who don't have a Blackberry pay more for their regular cell phone bills. I am going to test out the phone on Friday on my lunch break so I can touch it and play with it and hear all the great things about it. My upgrade isn't until after Christmas so I may even be able to con my mother and uncle into giving me the money for the phone that way I don't have to pay a dime for it haha.

I love technology!


Anonymous said...

This phone is super-sexy! You are so right! LOL. too bad I don't have Verizon... I'll just have to wait and see what version Sprint decides to put out.

Oh and on another note... as this is my first time seeing your profile: One time for LaSalle University. I'm a Temple girl myself but I lived in G-Town right off of Olney! Small World!

Au Naturale said...

no kidding! i live off of 20th and boyfriend is a Temple man!