Thursday, October 2, 2008

All Locked up!

Yesterday i finally got my sisterlocks installed! it took 10 hours but i was glad that she was able to finish in the first day. Funny story...i broke my camera yesterday as well so there won't be any pics until i get a new camera. that will probably be next week because my birthday is next week so i should be able to get a new camera. i want to be able to take pics of my journey. i don't have too much scalp showing at all because i have a nice thick head of hair. she curled them on perm rods because my hair was sticking up all over the place and i looked like a crazy woman lol.

i absolutely love the low maintenance of my brand new locks. i had a job interview this morning and all i had to worry about was what to wear. i walked in feeling really confident and that was a nice feeling. i think the interview went really well and i hope to hear from them by next week. i actually have a class with one of the people who interviewed me and he hired another girl we have class with last year so i think my chances are good. i think they were impressed with my responses. i am really good at interviewing thanks to my mommy.

i promise pics will be posted as soon as i get a new camera!


Laquita said...

Congrats on the SisterLocks :o) Being such a lock-stalker I can't wait to see your pictures.

Good Luck with the Job!

Au Naturale said...

thanks again girl! i think i got the job...i have class with the guy i interviewed with and another girl that works there and they basically told me its mine. i just have to wait until they open it in-house for a week before they offer it to me officially.