Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1st Retightening...NOT!

Ok so today was my first retightening. I had it all planned out to go to work, make some phone calls, and schedule my appointments for the end of the day so that i could go straight from seeing a consumer to Southwest Philly, where my consultant is and I would get in her chair and feel tons better. Sike ya mind! After seeing my last consumer for the day I stopped at the Chinese food restaurant to get my honey and I some dinner for after my retightening. While i was sitting there waiting for my food i thought "Let me call to make sure my appointment is today because they haven't given me my reminder call." Lo and behold my consultant accidentally wrote today on my reminder card but didn't put me down for today but for the 28th...sooo i'm home waiting for my boyfriend to come home so we can eat.

I guess i am kind of happy that it's not today because it was a long day and i kind of just wanted to get home to my sweetheart and rest. I will have a post and pics of my real first retightening next week.

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