Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1st Wash!

I successfully completed my first wash tonight! My roommate, The Gymnast, came home just in time to braid it for me lol. She was able to braid pretty much all of my hair, save for the baby ones on the edges. It felt nice having the warm water hit my scalp and massaging my hair clean. I don't think I had any slippage...if i did it was very minimal. I was least worried about the back of my hair because it is SO KINKY! I think it's beginning to do something already. The ones in the back are bigger but they got some weird puffiness going on on the ends. I took like one pic but i really don't feel like posting it lol. There's not much to see...my hair looks pretty much the same wet as it does dry...my locs fall a little differently but thats about it. It went well and I have my first retightening on Tuesday the 21st. I have a feeling I will be getting my retightenings like every 4 to 5 weeks, which is fine. I hope that means my hair will be growing like wildfire!

Thanks for your suggestions as to what to do with the back. Now I know-- get my roommate to do it for me lol!


Anonymous said...

The puffiness on the ends means budding is right around the corner..

Au Naturale said...

{{gasp}} get out! man that must mean i have some kinky hair haha