Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Philly Locks Conference 2008

Last Saturday I went to the 2008 Philly Locks Conference. I had a really good time and there were some really great vendors there. I spent up all my money but it was worth it haha. The picture to the right is from the Edutainment portion of the conference. Look at all the locked heads in this room. The guy with the guitar and tie dye shirt on has his locks piled on his head they're so long. He took them down and they were almost brushing his ankles. CRAZY! I really enjoyed watching this band...people were just vibing and feeding off of the positive energy in the room. It was a really good time!

The picture to the left shows the 2 pairs of earrings that I bought at the conference from a very nice vendor for a VERY reasonable price. I will be wearing the pink ones this weekend (yes I plan my outfits that far in advance). Sunsail bought a really fierce pair of earrings herself. Yes SUNSAIL! We had such a good time walking around the conference, shopping and chatting it up. She is exactly the same as she comes off on her blog-- hilarious!
After the conference a few of us met up at GiGi's in Center City. The food was soooo good! There is the pic of all of us. Look how different all of our locks look (me with my baby locks). We had a really good time talking and stuffing our faces. I'm already looking forward to next year!

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sunsail said...

I had a blast! It was a pleasure meeting you. I was not looking forward to wandering around that zoo by myself, believe me! I'm glad I went; I always meet some cool new people.