Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Music I'm Into

I am a big music buff and I had been having a dry spell for a little while because nothing new had been coming out. A few weeks ago I bought 4 new CD's to add to my collection and to relieve my music boredom and I thought I would share that with you...

1. Gym Class Heroes "The Quilt"-- if you're not familiar with this group I suggest you sample some of their music. This is their 3rd album and in my opinion is their best. They are a indie hip hop/rock fusion. This group is definitely multi-layered...they have serious songs (Live Forever (Fly with Me)), fun songs (Cookie Jar), and your typical come back songs. Busta Rhymes and The Dream are featured on the album...the first mainstream artists to appear on any of the groups albums. If you're interested in their older music their first album, "Papercut Chronicles" has a raw sound to it. The second album, famous for the "bada dada" song, As Cruel as School Children, also shows their multi-layered style. Definitely in heavy rotation in my vehicle.

2. Estelle's "Shine". I am really liking her style. The album has a lot of different sounds to it-- a little caribbean, the pop sound (i.e. American Boy), and she even has a song with John Legend (a personal favorite). It's a short CD but I can listen to it pretty much straight through. She also has a track featuring Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley (not a favorite but I'm sure others will like it). She's beginning to get more "shine" in my car (pun intended).
3. Usher's "Here I Stand"-- I fell in love with this album immediately. My mom actually introduced me to it. I was pretty much over Usher until I heard this album. You can tell this man is really in love. He also has a little song for his son. The album just shows a lot of growth and it's just great all around...classic Usher.
4. Ne-Yo's "Year of the Gentleman"-- Ne-Yo is consistent with putting out good albums. I really like this one and actually wish it was a bit longer (only 12 tracks). There is only one song on the album that I am not crazy about. He just has a great voice and is a talented songwriter.

Ok so there they are...if you have iTunes sample some of the songs or maybe just take my word for it and buy a CD!

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